Friday, May 19, 2017

Midway through May Inspiration

Hi guys! I've been a little preoccupied over here with our 4 month old Schnauzer Gus Gus and just life. Not a whole lot of time for scrapbooking lately. Which is ok :)

I wanted to pop in quickly to give a little inspiration and share about a new class I'm taking. I just started Studio Calico's newest class - Summer of Sketches 2017.  I love sketches! They really do have the ability to drag you out of a scrapbooking rut, if you've been in one. I like sketches because they are a blank slate full of inspiration. They are simple and allow you to use whatever colour palette and products you choose. There is no theme to follow. Just plain and simple, a sketch. I could easily come up with 5 layouts for one sketch! *I am promoting this class completely on my own because I really do think it's a great deal - free awesome stamp set with class while they last - and because I think it's FULL of inspiration. Below image from Studio Calico showing the stamp set you receive with class (while supplies last).

Here is one layout I made up after creating a few layouts for the week one sketch inspiration. My last post talks about the more you create the more the ideas flow and the better they get. It's so true. Once I get started I can scrapbook for days on end! It's true. The ideas just come flowing!

This layout was inspired by the colour palette from an older A Beautiful Mess Messy Box (found in their shop) that I bought from a Studio Calico friend. I had been looking for the kit since it was sold out and she graciously sold hers to me! It arrived yesterday and I immediately took it to my studio to make something quickly with it. That washi tape!!! In. Love. (sidenote: I booked our babysitter yesterday to get some spring cleaning done but sneaked in some self love time instead. Much more important than cleaning!)

Everything used on this layout, with the exception of that fabulous orange/lavender washi tape, was sitting on my desk. It took me 15 minutes to make. Simple, pretty and done. I did have to print out the photo too, which didn't take any time. My phone is connected to my computer via wifi. Super fast to print through the canon app. My printer is the Canon Pixma MG7720 (I also have the 7100 - the short of it is it won't print photos larger than 4x6 without having lines through the image. It's old though. So I bought the new version on sale for $100 and use both now).

The little flower illustration is from my doodling on scrap paper. I had tried to take part in the #100daysof ... project but I failed miserably haha! I just can't do challenges like that. Too many people need my attention in our house in this season of my life. Down the road I can't wait to try to make it to 100! I think I made it to 11? haha

I matted the 8.5x11 layout on a Studio Calico grid paper that I trimmed to 9x12. I plan on including it into my 9x12 Project Life album. I try to plan pages with an album in mind. Thinking about where I want to ultimately have a layout live. This one was just a fun one about me. Perfect for my PL album. Which I am so not up to date on btw! But that's ok. :) 

Happy May Long Weekend! 

Listening to Right now - Magic Lessons Podcast

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert Season 1, Episode 8 - The Pure Pleasure of Making Stuff". What I've been listening to lately. I wanted to share because I think its so important to hear that it's ok to make for the sake of pushing yourself to your next level. In whatever that may be. It's ok to make really bad stuff.

Amazing short podcast with Liz and guest Rayya Elias chatting about making really bad music, art, writings and photography and just how important those really bad creations are for the success of making really good music, art, writings and photography.

Do you know how much time I have put into fiddling with ideas at times just to have something click and point me into a really good episode of making awesome art? Lots of time. Lots of canvases or if I'm scrapbooking, the odd piece of cardstock. I truly believe practicing something is never a waste of time. It might become frustrating at times yes, or it might be insightful. Whatever those feelings are let yourself go through them so you can get to the point of being successful in your eye. After all, it should be important to you that you are good at something you are passionate about not the world. They'll come around eventually, or not. It's all part of the process.

It took me many "failed" canvases to get to this, I think pretty cool, canvas. It actually took a few. If only I had more large chunks of time I would be so content to blow through making really bad art to get to these fun, pretty happenings. 

You guys, I couldn't love this podcast more. It's everything that I talk to myself about, and sometimes question myself on as well. It's real. It's human. How can one just start making really good anything without making some really bad stuff? That wouldn't be human now would it, or fun!

Check out one of Rayya's tracks, love it! follow this link Touch the Ground  by: Rayya Elias

"I'm making really bad art so I can make good art" - Lisa Ross 

"Write a crappy song, the next song is gonna be AMAZING! - just the fact that I'm making a crappy song, I'm a successful songwriter." - Rayya Elias 

"Nothing more successful than the person who is confident enough to be stupid, and to be at risk." 
- Liz Gilbert

As a side note, keep this in mind. Since we are talking all things messy. I think that with the introduction of Instagram has come this false world that people start to believe everyone has these beautiful, perfect, bright lives (and homes). In todays society where everything looks to be so perfect and beautiful we need to step back and realize, that's just the photo that made the cut to be shared. There indeed was many messes and ugly shots to get to that one, perfectly lit, well balanced, pretty photo. Real life just isn't like that. I'm guilty of trying to get that perfect shot. But I do it because I really do love the challenge photography wise. I am indeed not doing it to try to portray our lives are perfect. I actually "follow" (and have been instafriends with for a long time) a large number of normal, everyday mommas on Instagram because I love the connection that I feel with them about having a messy life with littles. Because I love that it reminds me that these days, they're just all messy. So is art, so is scrapbooking so is everything creative as I know it. All these points are also a massive reason why I LOVE Ali Edwards Week In The Life project. It's whole precedence is about capturing our real, everyday lives. I have yet to complete an album! But I did all the work and have all the photos! I often wonder what my Grandma would think about us today. I also really love the out of focus, dark, messy photos from my childhood and family. They are actually some of my favorite. Just wanted to tuck all these thoughts in here ;)