Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 - Day 3 - Part 2

Finishing up her morning list to get ready for school. Even though it's in the afternoon it comes up fast. She LOVES this dress and I love that she chooses to wear it and doesn't have a care in the world what anyone thinks. I hope she keeps her confidence. I'll try my best as her mom to help her keep this. 

I want to remember this cluttered, sticky sink. Filled with their things. Some weeks I clean this daily. I haven't in a week.

It takes a little to get Lexi going in the morning. Right now she is playing something using the bunny feet that the easter bunny left behind.

Lexi is explaining the rules. They make no sense at all haha. I'll telling Milly to just go with it :)

"Hold it just like this"

I love hearing them giggle and seeing them get along! 

Lexi would give Milly specific instructions on how to hold the bunny print then make her hold it over her face and then take it back and put it in the bag. Milly giggled away! 


Milly stands.

I'm not sure what she's doing here, but she did say it's one of her poses. Silly Milly. 

Fixing the music machine. And we lost pants somehow.

More Milly stands.

More fixing.

Lexi asked if we could take the baby (Lion from previous picture) for a walk. In the stroller.

Uncle Nick found us!! On his way to Lowes to finish getting the baby room ready. What a good daddy.

All of these photos are unedited. I had big plans to run my photos through lightroom and make most of them black and white for printing to put in my album. Maybe I'll just do that with the ones in my iPhone. Today was FULL of photos. The rest of my week will not have anywhere near this many photos. Today I was just in the mood. I'm going to scale back a lot on the number of photos I will take daily for the rest of the week. Mostly to make it more manageable but I'm glad I did a heavy photo day. Look at all the great and real memories! 

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