Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 - Day 3 - Part 2

Finishing up her morning list to get ready for school. Even though it's in the afternoon it comes up fast. She LOVES this dress and I love that she chooses to wear it and doesn't have a care in the world what anyone thinks. I hope she keeps her confidence. I'll try my best as her mom to help her keep this. 

I want to remember this cluttered, sticky sink. Filled with their things. Some weeks I clean this daily. I haven't in a week.

It takes a little to get Lexi going in the morning. Right now she is playing something using the bunny feet that the easter bunny left behind.

Lexi is explaining the rules. They make no sense at all haha. I'll telling Milly to just go with it :)

"Hold it just like this"

I love hearing them giggle and seeing them get along! 

Lexi would give Milly specific instructions on how to hold the bunny print then make her hold it over her face and then take it back and put it in the bag. Milly giggled away! 


Milly stands.

I'm not sure what she's doing here, but she did say it's one of her poses. Silly Milly. 

Fixing the music machine. And we lost pants somehow.

More Milly stands.

More fixing.

Lexi asked if we could take the baby (Lion from previous picture) for a walk. In the stroller.

Uncle Nick found us!! On his way to Lowes to finish getting the baby room ready. What a good daddy.

All of these photos are unedited. I had big plans to run my photos through lightroom and make most of them black and white for printing to put in my album. Maybe I'll just do that with the ones in my iPhone. Today was FULL of photos. The rest of my week will not have anywhere near this many photos. Today I was just in the mood. I'm going to scale back a lot on the number of photos I will take daily for the rest of the week. Mostly to make it more manageable but I'm glad I did a heavy photo day. Look at all the great and real memories! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week In The Life 2017 - Day 3 - Part 1

April 18. Tuesday. Back to school for Milly this afternoon after a 4 day easter weekend. Until then let's cuddle a little and get outside a lot.  After being cooped up all winter (I am not a cold weather girl) I am so aching to be outside as much as possible. Something the girls also equally love. I don't think we've spent more than an hour during the day inside in the last two days.

I'm sharing photos that I took on my Olympus from today. I haven't gotten to uploading my phone photos yet. Its probably something I'll do halfway through or at the end. Uploading takes me so much time I'd rather get half the photos up and most of the story typed and out of my head so there is something to remember when it comes time to put this whole album together. Also, yes I realize I'm sharing Day 3 before day 1 & 2. It's just how my brain works. And because the uploading is taking forever tonight I just want to get the memories down :)

The girls were super clingy to daddy this morning. I think it has something to do with him laying with them last night longer than normal at bedtime and telling them lots of childhood stories about what him and Uncle Devin used to get up to. Milly loved it! I tried convincing him that he should take Lexi with him to work (she loves pretending to work right now and will for long periods of time). No go.

Lots of purple kinetic sand this morning. I'm not even going to sweep it up because I know it'll be out later again. My self last year would have absolutely swept it up right away. I'm learning ;) There is still purple sand beneath my feet as I type this.

I'm attempting dinner prep while the girls are playing nicely (this is a rare occasion lately which makes getting any prep work feasible) so I'm taking advantage to save time during the switching hour later! ;) Split peas and black beans. No idea what I'll make with them, probably just a salad topper.

Black beans. They'll make it into something for dinner.

 Lexi all dressed up. I do lay her clothes out for her but she is her own woman. I let her go with it most days. She just might rule the world one day or lead womens rights all over the world.

We found Milly quietly playing in her room. I emptied out the floor of her closet recently moving the 4x4 Ikea expedite that was in there out into her room. It's cramped now BUT she now has a place for ALL of her stuffies. Her pride and joy. Here she said "momma, I'm moving things around in here so these little guys aren't so cramped on the bottom. They like it more." The sweetest little girl I know. A big heart of gold this one has. She is going to own a farm and have 5 babies. She told me yesterday that she is also going to have twin boys. 

Making sure there isn't something left out that she can get into. Milly did give her a little grey beanie boo kitty to play with.

After 15 minutes of fighting with the internet to get cartoons to work on the TV I am finally attempting a shower. Sometimes I take my coffee into the shower with me. True story. We have a large steam shower so there is actually ample space to have it where water won't ruin it haha! It's that or live with cold coffee every morning.

She just started this new posing thing two days ago. I had her help me try to take a new headshot for a project coming up and I think she's trying to mimic my corny trying to pose poses. Help me now! For the record, have you ever tried posing for a headshot that looks natural. Man is it awkward! Good thing it was just me and Milly!

This one however was born posing.

Getting them to agree on the same show, lots of bribery. 

Attempting a shower now. I find this age tricky right now. Usually there's something catastrophic that happens when I try this.

Yup. 5 minutes in and Lexi is scratching Milly. Have you ever had a child who scratches? It's been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with as a human being. No lie. WITL has to have all the memories, happy and frustrating. I want to be able to look back on this enormous project years down the road with my girls when they are momma's and see what I went through haha! Just Kidding. Sort of ;)

Not the best start to the morning today, a bit a grouchiness to work out of the girls today :) 
Lexi now playing happily in her room with her babies while Milly watches some Garfield so I can quickly get ready. 

10 minutes to get ready and cold coffee. All while texting my friend about some cameras.

Dressed in an odd combination today - it's warm out but I'm cold. Top bun for the win (2 minute hairstyle). I managed to last 3 weeks since getting my hair done before reverting to my usually bun.

Telling me about Garfield before we go downstairs for a snack. The girls already had rice krispies for breakfast. I still have to eat.

Convinced me of a few more minutes of Garfield.

Lexi finding a scratch on the dresser from the door. Inspector Lexi.

Turning off her show. Time to get going!

My breakfast - leftover BBQ'd salmon from Saturday, cheddar scone from Yum bakery - finally while the girls have watermelon, pretzels and an egg.

Hot coffee attempt #2. 

Snack time for the girls.

Lexi playing with Gus Gus.

Lexi forgetting her suckie is in. Going in for the egg but confused that it's GREEN! From our egg dying.  I want to rememember this age as frustrating as it may be sometimes it really is the best. Those cheeks. Those chubby wrists.

She likes to have a cloth in hand when she eats. She's messy but clean.

Gus Gus waiting for a drop.

And there it is! Even though it may only be the cloth.

Trying for Milly's.

 One of the new poses. I also need to remember to change that electrical cover. From our little Leo managing to tip the chair into it.

I want to remember her little dandy hands. So gentle.

I also want to remember this funny quirk about Milly. She uses the corners of a kleenex or paper towel to "dig for gold". So gross haha!

Loving Gus Gus's little tail, it just cracks her up!

Our sweet Gus Gus.

 I love these no rush mornings. I plan on taking advantage of our time together in the mornings as long as possible. I tried, correction I felt pressured, to have Milly in all sorts of activities always going. I didn't want to do that with Lexi. I know first hand without having gone through raising a kid, how fast they grow. From watching my best friends kids grow up. I remember like it was yesterday Tristan home in his jammies watching cartoons then boom, graduated and in college. So no agenda mornings it is!