Saturday, March 11, 2017

Storage for my Album & A Thank You to All of You!

Good Morning! I hope your Saturday morning is much sunnier and warmer than it is here in wintery southern Alberta. So cold here!

Today I wanted to share a pretty and inexpensive storage solution for your mini albums. I'm using this box specifically for my Mixed Media Art & Prints album that I made for my class at Big Picture Classes. Go check it out if you haven't already! (click on either of those two highlighted links)

I do have my album out on display in the front room currently but when I want to store it away I want to have a pretty option as well as a practical option. I came across this beautiful black stationary box that has the sentiment " Sparkle and Shine Everyday" in gold with lots of awesome gold polka dots and markings.

The inside is a saturated jade. A happy surprise!

I came across this gem in the stationary isle at Homesense. If you are located in Calgary, Alberta - it's the Homesense by Market Mall. If you're in the states I do believe there are also Homesense Stores as well as Winners and Marshalls - they all carry similar stationary storage boxes. This one was the large one of three and cost $15 CAD. Thumbs up!  

I really liked having it throughout the time I was creating my album. A safe and handy spot to keep my finished pages all in one spot! 

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have checked out my class, it really does mean SO much to me that I have had this amazing opportunity to inspire you all to create more art and make your heart happy! Thanks also to Big Picture Classes for taking a chance on me and helping me to bring this class to life for all of you. Thank you!!! XO


  1. Meagan- I love your mix of color, whimsy and then the formal looking title on your cover. Eclectic is my kind of thing.

    1. Thank you Charlene! I love colour and I love crisp and timeless :)