Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RAWR Scrapbook Page with 3X4 Photo Printing Tutorial

I made this fun Halloween inspired page this summer. As life would have it I'm just now getting around to posting it! But now you have it fresh in your mind for inspiration right! :)

Milly was playing with some of our dress-up clothes during Lexi's nap time and I couldn't resist to snap some photos of her in the sharky costume. I mean how cute is she, or any little one for that matter, trying to be a scary shark :) Also, her long hair! She and I miss it, I don't miss doing it but it was so pretty and made her look little still.
I'll include step by step instructions on how to make this page or a similar page including how to print two 3x4 photos at home using the PicFrame app. If you don't have a home printer you can still benefit hugely from PicFrame, pull your photos into the app to make them into 3x4's and save them to your phone then send them off to have them printed at your favourite printer. If I was in the United States I would totally send all my photos to print at Persnickety Prints! They are awesome, fantastic quality as well as good prices especially when they have sales :)

How to make two photos into two 3x4 on a 4x6 using PicFrame: I know I wanted to use two photos and lots of papers on this layout. First I picked two photos that told the story well, brought them into the PicFrame app. I clicked on the ratio (top right where there is a 1:1) chose 4:3 from the drop down menu. Then from the "boxes" or "frames" area I chose the second choice which is two side by side boxes. Once you click on that box a new window opens. Click on the first box, a drop down menu pops up choose camera roll, then choose the two photos you want to print (the second one automatically drops in its spot. then on the menu strip below the photo click on "style" another menu will pop up. See the top fray bar with a "width" button? move that slightly to the right (if you want a white border on your photos like mine above); move it to the left if you want no white border when printed. Now on the bottom strip click on "share" and then click Save. Now you can print your photo from your phone! From there I use the Canon Print App to print wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer (my favourite tool I own!!). If you have that same App or want to get it and print like I did follow these steps: Open app. Select "Photo Print". (Assuming you've got your printer all set up). Choose the photo you just saved. click Select (that should pop up once you've selected your photo). Click "next". Now this is important: Click on "change settings". Choose Border and make sure Bordered is on. If its not on your photo will print way too big on the 4x6 photo paper. Click on "print" to go back to previous menu. make sure your printer is selected and all settings are good to go then print! Voila!

Making the page, choosing the elements: Once my photos were printed I chose my colours, I went with the colours that were already in the photo. I wanted the page to be fairly neutral since I wanted the photos to take centre stage but I also wanted to have fun with it so I used a couple fun pops of colour through embellishments; Buttons, a turquoise colour theory tab, enamel dots, a pink paislee cork heart (with a layered orange October afternoon heart on top) and a couple drops of gold spray paint that I sprayed into the lid and dropped on the page.

Title: My Title I kept simple with an Orange Studio Calico label printable and alpha stickers. I mirrored that by the photo for some journaling.

Background and pumpkins: I found a 6x6 Crate Paper Halloween paper pad last halloween and have been hoarding it until now. Now was the perfect time to use it! I LOVE that whole line and I wish they had made more, like all they're lines of paper goodies :) I chose my favourite papers from the paper pad (you could also find a nice digital collection online inexpensively so you can print them at a smaller scale for the same look). I made my own pumpkin template then traced it onto the papers to cut out by hand (I would totally share that but I don't know how to do that haha). I wanted to add some more dimension to the page so I raided my scrap paper drawer and found some vellum and canvas paper to cut up and layer behind the pumpkins. I laid everything out before making it permanent. Once I had the papers where I wanted them (I like to balance the blacks and the whites and the colours so they all aren't next to each other but rather evenly spread out) I took a quick pic on my phone to remember and then sewed the pumpkins to the papers, used sookwang in the centre of the backs and taped them down (I wanted dimension so I didn't put tape all over the backs so it would curl up a little).

Photo section: I love layering with neutrals, to not take away from the photos. I chose my go to large tag, this time Manila instead of white to add a little more dimension and pull from the canvas fabric. I tacked the photos down in a random layout with sookwang tape, used pop dots behind the tag to pop it off the page a little more then tucked a label behind the top right corner for a little more colour and a spot for a few words. Stapled a tab on to the label with my mini stapler.

Finishing Touches: I added all the little embellishments at the very end. Hand sewn buttons, layered the cork heart wight the shiny orange heart which I stuck in between the buttons and the blue in the photo to break it up a little.

Paint drops: lastly I added the gold spray paint drops and enamel dots. To make the pretty paint drops: (they are pretty in real life, they look more like blobs in the photos hehe) spray the can of spray paint into the lid and drip where you want. Cover your photos if you don't want any on them. Careful not to get any on your floor or clothes.  *Make sure you sew your labels down if you plan on doing that before you do this step. I forgot :O)

Thanks for following me to the end of the lengthy little tutorial! Hope you all had a great Halloween this year :)
*I would include all the items I used below but I don't know how to do that :) Someone want to show me!? :)


Since you made it this far I thought I'd include a little card tutorial so you can use any extra pumpkins and paper you cut out for a cute card.
I don't bother with making my own card bases anymore (it uses up my blades and nice white card stock too fast) but rather buy the big pack of pre-cut cards and envelopes when they are on sale at Michaels (for that exact reason, they come with envelopes!).

1. Spray some orange paint into the little lid that comes with the bottle (I used Mr. Huey's paint by studio calico, remember those little ones they used to have?)
2. Let dry (I did several cards at once).
3. grab some of the scrap papers left from cutting out your pumpkins and make a layer stack, staple them together in the centre.
4. Sew a pumpkin onto a piece of either neutral paper or if you have some canvas paper (I bought mine at Michaels in 12x12 sheets).
5. decorate the pumpkin for whatever occasion you need it for, I taped a printable label on, added a HAPPY sentiment sticker (Old October Afternoon puffy stickers) and a birthday sentiment sticker from an Old Studio Calico card kit (Can you tell I like Studio Calico yet?) hehe
6. Add some embellishments I chose a couple small orange enamel dots in the bottom left corner of the pumpkin.
7. I attached the whole stack with some negative parts of my pop dots ( I always use every last bit of my pop dot package).

*you could also stamp something onto the pumpkin first. Make sure to do that before you attach anything.


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