Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Mini Album and 31 minutes for 31 days

I know it's almost the end of September so I'm going to share in a couple of posts, as my album becomes closer to completion, a mini project life album (6" x 8") documenting some of our favourite september things. I say things because I also want to start including more of what I love and what inspires me. Social media (Instagram for me) plays a big part in todays lives (sadly, I know, but its reality). I feel like there are so many gorgeous creations and photographs shared on social media but are gone and forgotten in the blink of an eye! By next week, heck even by tomorrow, they are gone and forgotten. So many creatives put their all into creating and sharing and advertising their creations and I want to start remembering what caught my eye and gave me inspiration somehow. I thought by simply including some of those images in my pages as some of my favourite things would be an easy enough way.

I've also decided I want to experiment and share more on my blog rather than instagram so I hope you follow along over the next month (October) here. I'll try my best to create content often, but theres no promises! I'm mom first :)

Kellie Winnell from Give a Girl a Blog and Jessica from Color Cast Designs have a blog post Here all about participating in 31 minutes for 31 days. Where you take 31 minutes out of every day in October just for you. Doing whatever you choose, reading, walking, taking photos, having a hot coffee! Anything. If you want to play along then take a photo each day of what you are choosing to do and in the end make a mini album with all those photos. You can share on Instagram if you'd like to with the hashtag #31minutesfor31days

I'll be back with some more of my September album photos just as soon as I get my dropbox to work ;) Oh technology! Happy Tuesday!!

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