Sunday, September 25, 2016

IKEA and small bathroom problems

With a toddler. 
Always an adventure!

Obligatory IKEA ice cream. And an awkward squat sit on the rail lol How come there's no benches by the cute yellow wall? ;)

Now that Milly's in kindergarten full time I find myself having to be a bit more creative with entertaining Lexi, to keep her mind off missing Milly. Maybe also to keep her from destroying the house! haha Seriously. She can do some major damage and in only a nanosecond. 

I LOVE this mirror! I've been trying to figure out how to make the itty bitty main floor bath more functional in the mornings for 4 people. Coming up with some simple ideas for a potential mini bathroom upgrade, one that wasn't cosmetic but would include some storage, any storage, has been challenging. Theres no storage. None. Nowhere to put toothbrushes and barely any room to put the soap. Which is critical! Haha So, me and the minion went to wear off some energy and get some ideas. I did find this gorgeous mirror! I tend to get sidetracked in IKEA ha! Mirror's are a must right?   I question who designs these houses! Who puts the smallest bathroom in a 3 level home next to the kitchen on the main floor instead of a functional family friendly one? They must not have kids or have the task of getting little people out the door in the mornings.  I can totally see if there were no kids who lived here, it would be fine. In my mind the hub of the house should have all the tools needed for smooth mornings. A shower would be IDEAL too. And maybe a washer and dryer too? Haha! That's not going to happen but a mom can dream right? 

What are the top three things in the hub of your home that make getting out the door in the mornings easier? I'd love some ideas! 

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