Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Be You Always Layout

I find myself with less and less free time these days (which is why its taken me this long to post this page). Which doesn't really make sense because Milly's now in school full time and Lexi goes to "play home" two days a week *scratching my head* - It feels like I'm literally driving all over the place now though. Especially on "play home" days {3 hours a day or more!}. Is that crazy? That's the life of a Calgarian I swear! lol

Anyways, when I do get some crafty time for me I challenge myself even more to start and finish in less than an hour. This page I did in 30 minutes! Minus the time it took me to embroider the fox face, but I snuck that in at pick up so I'm not counting that haha!

I love whitespace. I try and try to venture away from it but I find it easier to make a layout or card if there is lots of whitespace. Less thinking I think. This layout is so very Milly. Thanks for checking it out and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Happy Wednesday.

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