Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week In The Life 2016 {May 8 - 15} - Day One

Welcome to our Week In The Life!

My hope for this years project is to simply finish. I love this project so much, the whole idea of having a whole album devoted to our simple + busy lives. Something to look back on to remind us, or mostly me, {mom brain still} of our days and what they looked like through the years. I love the simple and mundane tasks that usually get forgotten. I want to remember all of that, the good, bad, exciting and maybe sometimes boring day to day tasks that this season of being home with my girls looks like.

*warning: this is a big post, I couldn't choose only a couple photos, something I struggle with haha! All photos on this post were taken on my iPhone.
**I chose to start on Sunday simply because it was mothers day and we had an adventure filled day that I want to remember.

Day 1 - Sunday May 8, 2016

Mother's Day + the first day to our 2016 Week In The Life project.

{My Mom + Grandad Jim in Ireland circa 1978ish}

Woke up after a restless sleep {I called dibs on the dungeon last night in hopes to sleep without littles waking me but it didn't work}. Uncle Roger called first thing inviting us out to ride the horses {Sally, Roxy, Megagin, + Jerry} Millys pride and joy. I hop up, spend 15 minutes dabbling with water-colour {my hopes for the day were going to be creative time but horses for the girls is a no-brainer must}.

{the water-colour I played with this am}

Head upstairs to the girls and Rody, coffee made and a shower. We rushed our morning to get out the door and get to the ranch. It's also Rogers birthday today and they have plans in the afternoon so I know we have to hurry so we have sometime before the obligatory Roger kick out. ;)

Weather was perfect, not too hot and a little breeze. Toured Uncle Roger's shop as he's completed all the panelling inside and added another oldie to his collection of cars.

Milly rode Sally all by herself this time!! She sure does have a love for animals, especially Sally and the others. She learnt how to rein last time and was doing great this time, even backing Sally up. So cute! I know she'll remember these experiences for the rest of her life. I still remember riding when we were young and living in Athabasca. Mom's friends daughter Pookie had us riding, Erin even got to compete in a horse show. There's a picture somewhere but I'm not sure where it got to. {hence why I'm so passionate about this thing called memory keeping. I want my girls to be able to look back on all these awesome things}.

Lexi seems to have lost most of her fear for the "Orsies" and once I got her on she did not want to get off! I have a feeling she may even be a little more horse crazy than Milly, if that's even possible! 

 {the boys LOVE when Milly comes to visit, extra crunchies!}

{Milly and her Sally}
We even brought a DQ cake for poor Old Uncle Roger {he was born 3 days + 3 years after the end of world war II in Paris, France}.

 {Kit, sweetest totally deaf kitty}

 {Garfield, in his favourite sunning spot}

{these are as old as Uncle Roger hehe}

The drive from Roger + Fiona's to Mom's in Claresholm is gorgeous! AND we finally got some rain! Much needed {Last week the devastating wild fires hit Fort McMurray, Alberta}.

Mom + David invited us to go to their place in Claresholm since we were already on the road, for Mother's Day dinner that David prepared. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, yummy garden salad {already} and the rest of the DQ cake that we brought from celebrating Rogers birthday.
What a great day. Sure am looking forward to my head resting on my pillow tonight!
I usually like to spend some of Sunday low-key and getting prepped for the week but I'm glad I said yes to today.

 {Lexi is all about doing the dishes lately. She loves it so much that she said no to cake and chose doing dishes instead!  Merrik says she's going to be an excellent mommy one day because she chose dishes over cake!}

A good, good day.