Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vancouver 2015 // Gastown & Granville Island {July 2015}

Vancouver! Our second getaway without both girls!!! Although it wasn't far from home, an hours flight, it's like a different world. Lush and green and beautifully humid. Our friends were getting married and we were celebrating our second trip without babies {and all that you have to haul when you take the babies with you}. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls so much! There's just something about traveling somewhere after having kids, without the kids, that can give you true relaxation. I loved bringing my camera along and having absolutely no plans, other than the wedding itinerary. 
Here's a little look at Van through my lens. Just for fun :) 

Gastown. Awesome! Great people watching.  

Chill Winston. If you ever find yourself in Gastown, you. must. go! 
The drinks, the food, the decor. Delicious and interesting. 
Grilled Octopus. OMG! So good. So good. 
Ahi Tuna Tartare, yummy. 
I can't even remember what the cocktails were called but they were tasty!  

The Skytrain. I sure wish we had a Skytrain system like this, it was so handy.

More Gastown.

Granville Island. 
I've always wanted to see what Granville was like!
A fun morning with delicious food and thee best iced tea I've ever had! 

Our bud. 
The girls would have loved this part of the weekend. 

The neatest little shop! MAKE. It's a good thing I had a small suitcase.

I am seriously kicking myself for not getting this for Milly! It was made for her I tell ya!!

Finished checking that off the old bucket list. I did honestly think Granville Island would have been bigger, although it was very cool :) Glad I finally made it!

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