Sunday, April 10, 2016

Around here // April 10, 2016

Long time no see!
One of my 2016 goals was to "Simplify". Live more Simply or try to. Why? So I could be less hard on myself for not getting around to the million and one things in my head that I want to tackle.  Including, blogging. It can sometimes be very challenging having a creative brain! haha
I started this blog a few years ago, more for a place to save ideas I love and sometimes things that I make. A place for a creative outlet when I had absolutely no time to create. I wasn't the best at keeping up with that. I'm ok with that :) Now that my girls are older, and I'm finding a wee bit more time for me, I want to actually blog. All things creative and design and photography. Nothing professional, just fun things I love and make or take. 
Keeping it "Simple", here are a few favourite photos (from January) that I took from our visit to Uncle Roger and Aunt Fiona's to visit Sally, Roxy, Jerry, and Megagin. It's one of Milly's favourite places on earth. Lexi's still warming up to animals ;) 
Thankfully it's a lot warmer and sunnier here these days, what an awesome spring we are having here. Happy Sunday!! 

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