Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RAWR Scrapbook Page with 3X4 Photo Printing Tutorial

I made this fun Halloween inspired page this summer. As life would have it I'm just now getting around to posting it! But now you have it fresh in your mind for inspiration right! :)

Milly was playing with some of our dress-up clothes during Lexi's nap time and I couldn't resist to snap some photos of her in the sharky costume. I mean how cute is she, or any little one for that matter, trying to be a scary shark :) Also, her long hair! She and I miss it, I don't miss doing it but it was so pretty and made her look little still.
I'll include step by step instructions on how to make this page or a similar page including how to print two 3x4 photos at home using the PicFrame app. If you don't have a home printer you can still benefit hugely from PicFrame, pull your photos into the app to make them into 3x4's and save them to your phone then send them off to have them printed at your favourite printer. If I was in the United States I would totally send all my photos to print at Persnickety Prints! They are awesome, fantastic quality as well as good prices especially when they have sales :)

How to make two photos into two 3x4 on a 4x6 using PicFrame: I know I wanted to use two photos and lots of papers on this layout. First I picked two photos that told the story well, brought them into the PicFrame app. I clicked on the ratio (top right where there is a 1:1) chose 4:3 from the drop down menu. Then from the "boxes" or "frames" area I chose the second choice which is two side by side boxes. Once you click on that box a new window opens. Click on the first box, a drop down menu pops up choose camera roll, then choose the two photos you want to print (the second one automatically drops in its spot. then on the menu strip below the photo click on "style" another menu will pop up. See the top fray bar with a "width" button? move that slightly to the right (if you want a white border on your photos like mine above); move it to the left if you want no white border when printed. Now on the bottom strip click on "share" and then click Save. Now you can print your photo from your phone! From there I use the Canon Print App to print wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer (my favourite tool I own!!). If you have that same App or want to get it and print like I did follow these steps: Open app. Select "Photo Print". (Assuming you've got your printer all set up). Choose the photo you just saved. click Select (that should pop up once you've selected your photo). Click "next". Now this is important: Click on "change settings". Choose Border and make sure Bordered is on. If its not on your photo will print way too big on the 4x6 photo paper. Click on "print" to go back to previous menu. make sure your printer is selected and all settings are good to go then print! Voila!

Making the page, choosing the elements: Once my photos were printed I chose my colours, I went with the colours that were already in the photo. I wanted the page to be fairly neutral since I wanted the photos to take centre stage but I also wanted to have fun with it so I used a couple fun pops of colour through embellishments; Buttons, a turquoise colour theory tab, enamel dots, a pink paislee cork heart (with a layered orange October afternoon heart on top) and a couple drops of gold spray paint that I sprayed into the lid and dropped on the page.

Title: My Title I kept simple with an Orange Studio Calico label printable and alpha stickers. I mirrored that by the photo for some journaling.

Background and pumpkins: I found a 6x6 Crate Paper Halloween paper pad last halloween and have been hoarding it until now. Now was the perfect time to use it! I LOVE that whole line and I wish they had made more, like all they're lines of paper goodies :) I chose my favourite papers from the paper pad (you could also find a nice digital collection online inexpensively so you can print them at a smaller scale for the same look). I made my own pumpkin template then traced it onto the papers to cut out by hand (I would totally share that but I don't know how to do that haha). I wanted to add some more dimension to the page so I raided my scrap paper drawer and found some vellum and canvas paper to cut up and layer behind the pumpkins. I laid everything out before making it permanent. Once I had the papers where I wanted them (I like to balance the blacks and the whites and the colours so they all aren't next to each other but rather evenly spread out) I took a quick pic on my phone to remember and then sewed the pumpkins to the papers, used sookwang in the centre of the backs and taped them down (I wanted dimension so I didn't put tape all over the backs so it would curl up a little).

Photo section: I love layering with neutrals, to not take away from the photos. I chose my go to large tag, this time Manila instead of white to add a little more dimension and pull from the canvas fabric. I tacked the photos down in a random layout with sookwang tape, used pop dots behind the tag to pop it off the page a little more then tucked a label behind the top right corner for a little more colour and a spot for a few words. Stapled a tab on to the label with my mini stapler.

Finishing Touches: I added all the little embellishments at the very end. Hand sewn buttons, layered the cork heart wight the shiny orange heart which I stuck in between the buttons and the blue in the photo to break it up a little.

Paint drops: lastly I added the gold spray paint drops and enamel dots. To make the pretty paint drops: (they are pretty in real life, they look more like blobs in the photos hehe) spray the can of spray paint into the lid and drip where you want. Cover your photos if you don't want any on them. Careful not to get any on your floor or clothes.  *Make sure you sew your labels down if you plan on doing that before you do this step. I forgot :O)

Thanks for following me to the end of the lengthy little tutorial! Hope you all had a great Halloween this year :)
*I would include all the items I used below but I don't know how to do that :) Someone want to show me!? :)


Since you made it this far I thought I'd include a little card tutorial so you can use any extra pumpkins and paper you cut out for a cute card.
I don't bother with making my own card bases anymore (it uses up my blades and nice white card stock too fast) but rather buy the big pack of pre-cut cards and envelopes when they are on sale at Michaels (for that exact reason, they come with envelopes!).

1. Spray some orange paint into the little lid that comes with the bottle (I used Mr. Huey's paint by studio calico, remember those little ones they used to have?)
2. Let dry (I did several cards at once).
3. grab some of the scrap papers left from cutting out your pumpkins and make a layer stack, staple them together in the centre.
4. Sew a pumpkin onto a piece of either neutral paper or if you have some canvas paper (I bought mine at Michaels in 12x12 sheets).
5. decorate the pumpkin for whatever occasion you need it for, I taped a printable label on, added a HAPPY sentiment sticker (Old October Afternoon puffy stickers) and a birthday sentiment sticker from an Old Studio Calico card kit (Can you tell I like Studio Calico yet?) hehe
6. Add some embellishments I chose a couple small orange enamel dots in the bottom left corner of the pumpkin.
7. I attached the whole stack with some negative parts of my pop dots ( I always use every last bit of my pop dot package).

*you could also stamp something onto the pumpkin first. Make sure to do that before you attach anything.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Modern Mini Halloween House - The Photos...

I love Halloween! Who doesn't? I admit it seems like a whole lot more work with little ones in the picture but a whole lot more fun too. I used to start dreaming about what I would dress up as for months before! {now we go to the store! ha} I still wanted to have something to create for Halloween this year even if it wasn't going to be homemade costumes. So I dug out my Halloween crafting box, found the perfect little chipboard house that I bought from Michaels last Halloween and came up with what I think is a pretty darn cute Modern, bright, Halloween house! Something I've had in my head for a long time.

I did take some video and photos of how I went about making it so when I find those {ha!} I'll make a how to post. For now, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures :)

I also included photos of this adorable Heidi Swapp Marquee skeleton light that I made last Halloween. I never did share the photos so here you go! I hope it gives you some inspiration that you might be looking for to get crafting! Boo!

*If there is enough interest, I would love to put together a mini christmas version and hold a little workshop where you can buy a kit and put it together, maybe sip on some cocktails and get crafty. Let me know in the comments if you would like to participate! or email me: (Calgary, AB Canada)

...and this is what happens when I'm creating these posts ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm on Society6!

I'm officially a seller through Society6! I've been struggling with wanting to create my own version of being a work at home/stay at home momma by figuring out a way to offer photography services or sell some of my art work.  Everything that I was coming up with just wasn't going to fit into my small amount of available time at the moment though. It's been 5.5 years since I left the professional world to stay at home with my babies (I'm currently employed by a 2 and 5 year old hehe). I've been feeling especially restless lately to find something that I could do from home, that is realistic and creative. Doing something I love and sharing a passion of mine were important factors, but within an attainable time frame, and work environment (being able to be at home with my girls). I stumbled upon Society6! I have browsed their site in the past, not really thinking about where the artists come from and how they come to sell their pieces through their site until it hit me last week.  Of course, anyone can sell their works of art on Society6! So it began the sleepless nights thinking about how I would make this work for me. When I was getting ready to go on my girls weekend a few weeks ago I was going through some of my photos to print and came across some of my favourites that I took in Vancouver last summer that I had kind of forget about. I printed them on matt paper to scrapbook with, I have become obsessed with them! They would make the perfect images to sell :) My first one is officially for sale here:

I can't wait to order my own canvas with the Botanical Bee print, I'm in love with it and I hope you are too!
Go get some of your Christmas Shopping done and support someone who sells on Society6 {ME!}
I'll love ya forever! Mwah!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Project Life Mini Album - the first few pages

I posted a little introduction to this project yesterday. Dropbox finally decided to cooperate so here are a few photos of the first few pages in my album. I hope it might give you some inspiration to document on a smaller more doable scale! If you have any questions about it please don't hesitate to ask me, I'll do my best to answer.

I used a Studio Calico 6 x 8 album that I had. I believe it's from the baby collection they released in 2015. I love the colours and the size. Blush pink and Gold. I think it's perfect for fall! 

I wanted to have a title page to showcase that it's an album for a specific month. I also wanted it to be simple. This new stamp arrived just in time from Studio Calico's August collection. I'm in live with it!!! It's so very Anna Rifle - 4x6 Stamp (called Lithograph) is designed by Tina of Life Love Paper. I used white card stock, gold embossed the stamp. Used a pop dot under the Hello circle and white alpha stickers. 

A closer look :) 

The album comes with several page protectors in different configurations. (If anyone has any extra of this style pleeeease send them my way hehe) I love smaller albums! I'm going to be completely honest though, I get so frustrated when a good thing disappears or changes. I think that's one of the big reasons why I don't document in this way as much anymore. I spend most of my time trying to find the right page protectors for the albums I'm working in. I vote a law is passed in the scrapbooking world that all albums and page protectors have to have to be able to work together haha! I'm joking, sort of. Wouldn't that make life so much easier!?

The first page is a simple 6x8 piece of white card stock. I hand cut LEXI out of some scrap papers on my desk that complimented the photo. Next I used a little glue to tack them down so that I could sew them on the paper without them moving. 
I added a little chipboard embellishment that I has leftover from an Ali Edwards kit. 

This side of the page has all the meat. Both cards are from a past Ali Edwards kit. I ran the "current little favourites" card through the typewriter. To do that, you need to tape the card onto a piece of printer paper. The bottom started to move around because I hadn't taped the bottom to cut time (so don't do that haha) it's a bit wonky but I'm totally ok with that. The "great little story" card is slipped in the pocket and the "EAT, PLAY, SLEEP" banner is stuck to the outside for texture. I use sookwang tape (it can be found HERE if you're in Canada, or HERE if your in the States). There are all sorts of different widths and even sheets of sookwang that can be found. It is my go to adhesive for almost everything! I love that stuff!! Back to the cards - I wanted to use the blue bordered  card to tell the story of these photos but it worked great here as a background for the pennant.

The next pages tell a story about how random our family photos ended up being. My sister and I had been trying to organize a day to trade doing each others family photos again this year. I wasn't convinced it would work this year with Lexi being in the thick of her terrible twos and not exactly being nice to her cousins. We lucked out and had gorgeous weather in a gorgeous park where we met up with my mom for the day in High River. I almost always bring my camera just in case and had mom take a few photos of us as a family and I chased around everyone for most of our time at the park since it was just to gorgeous not too. We were not in our sunday best but I'm so happy with how the photos tell a story of us and not posed, traditional family photos. It would have been nice if I had done my hair and if Rody wasn't wearing his lacrosse coaching coat but thats ok. I'm ok with that story too. :) 

I found my old fashion stapler in one of my office purges this spring and stapled a few journaling cards with the pretty copper staples. I think I may have sold the stapler in the garage sale? Now I wish I would have kept it! 
I used my Heidi Swapp date stamp on the card and on the other card (Ali Edwards card) I simply ran it through my typewriter.


I think these are my favourite photos from our day. They so capture my girls; Lexi's scowl face with her tiny grin. Milly giving her famous hugs and Lexi sneaking in there too. 
All the photos so far in the album were taken with my Olympus Camera and a 50mm lens. I couldn't say enough good things about this camera! It was a gift when we had Milly, so it's a little over 5 years old. It takes amazing photos and was great for me to learn on! Highly recommend it if you are looking for a small lsr camera. I think there are some newer editions out there now too. 
Not all the photos in this album will be "fancy", I like to include the everyday as well. 

I used a vintage tag and layered it with a cute tag from the newest Maggie Holmes Gather Collection
as well as that #remeberthis tag. I stuck that on the outside of the page protector for dimension and interest. 
The white journal cards are just cut from white card stock. I ran them through my typewriter. The floral card stock embellishment is from the same pack as the checkered tag. 

I'll be back with more pages next week! And something else fun for Halloween so please subscribe to my blog in the right hand side to automatically receive my little posts if you don't want to miss out :) 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Mini Album and 31 minutes for 31 days

I know it's almost the end of September so I'm going to share in a couple of posts, as my album becomes closer to completion, a mini project life album (6" x 8") documenting some of our favourite september things. I say things because I also want to start including more of what I love and what inspires me. Social media (Instagram for me) plays a big part in todays lives (sadly, I know, but its reality). I feel like there are so many gorgeous creations and photographs shared on social media but are gone and forgotten in the blink of an eye! By next week, heck even by tomorrow, they are gone and forgotten. So many creatives put their all into creating and sharing and advertising their creations and I want to start remembering what caught my eye and gave me inspiration somehow. I thought by simply including some of those images in my pages as some of my favourite things would be an easy enough way.

I've also decided I want to experiment and share more on my blog rather than instagram so I hope you follow along over the next month (October) here. I'll try my best to create content often, but theres no promises! I'm mom first :)

Kellie Winnell from Give a Girl a Blog and Jessica from Color Cast Designs have a blog post Here all about participating in 31 minutes for 31 days. Where you take 31 minutes out of every day in October just for you. Doing whatever you choose, reading, walking, taking photos, having a hot coffee! Anything. If you want to play along then take a photo each day of what you are choosing to do and in the end make a mini album with all those photos. You can share on Instagram if you'd like to with the hashtag #31minutesfor31days

I'll be back with some more of my September album photos just as soon as I get my dropbox to work ;) Oh technology! Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

IKEA and small bathroom problems

With a toddler. 
Always an adventure!

Obligatory IKEA ice cream. And an awkward squat sit on the rail lol How come there's no benches by the cute yellow wall? ;)

Now that Milly's in kindergarten full time I find myself having to be a bit more creative with entertaining Lexi, to keep her mind off missing Milly. Maybe also to keep her from destroying the house! haha Seriously. She can do some major damage and in only a nanosecond. 

I LOVE this mirror! I've been trying to figure out how to make the itty bitty main floor bath more functional in the mornings for 4 people. Coming up with some simple ideas for a potential mini bathroom upgrade, one that wasn't cosmetic but would include some storage, any storage, has been challenging. Theres no storage. None. Nowhere to put toothbrushes and barely any room to put the soap. Which is critical! Haha So, me and the minion went to wear off some energy and get some ideas. I did find this gorgeous mirror! I tend to get sidetracked in IKEA ha! Mirror's are a must right?   I question who designs these houses! Who puts the smallest bathroom in a 3 level home next to the kitchen on the main floor instead of a functional family friendly one? They must not have kids or have the task of getting little people out the door in the mornings.  I can totally see if there were no kids who lived here, it would be fine. In my mind the hub of the house should have all the tools needed for smooth mornings. A shower would be IDEAL too. And maybe a washer and dryer too? Haha! That's not going to happen but a mom can dream right? 

What are the top three things in the hub of your home that make getting out the door in the mornings easier? I'd love some ideas! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Make Your Own Patterned Paper

Because it's already fall {um, where did summer go anyways?} and chilly here I wanted to revisit some of the sunny summer memories that I documented. I just realized how many never made it to the blog when I was organizing some of the layouts into albums.  I had full intentions of posting lots of fun scrappy goodness this summer but, well, summer goes fast and I could barely keep up! haha 

Here is a fun 8.5 x 11 page that I made {I love 8.5 x 11}. I find it easy and faster sometimes to scrapbook on this size. Plus, I can make my own patterned paper with my Canon Pixma printer which is truly one of my favourite tools. I love my printer!! And I'm by no means sponsored to say that haha! 

I so enjoyed all the water fun we had this summer which inspired me to make this layout. For the background paper I snapped a few photos of the water {and of Lexi in the water} on my iPhone. I'm reluctant to bring my big camera to the pool even though I love pool photos. The iPhone camera worked great for this though. I edited the photo in PicTapGo {my favourite editing app} to make it the colour it is. Then, I simply printed it from my phone to my printer! I use the canon print app: open the app, choose your photo, go into change settings, choose the size I want to print then go back to print. Make sure your paper is loaded in the correct tray {I used Leena White card stock from Studio Calico} then send it to the printer. I LOVE how it turned out! Since it turned out so well I made sure to take lots of photos of things I would want to see as a patterned paper throughout the summer so I can easily make my own paper with it. I've been printing my photos large format to use as the background of a page {12x12 and 8.5x11} for a long time but never actually thought about making a patterned paper with a photo for my own paper. I'm so excited about it! Especially with how great the printer quality is, it really does look like purchased patterned paper!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Be You Always Layout

I find myself with less and less free time these days (which is why its taken me this long to post this page). Which doesn't really make sense because Milly's now in school full time and Lexi goes to "play home" two days a week *scratching my head* - It feels like I'm literally driving all over the place now though. Especially on "play home" days {3 hours a day or more!}. Is that crazy? That's the life of a Calgarian I swear! lol

Anyways, when I do get some crafty time for me I challenge myself even more to start and finish in less than an hour. This page I did in 30 minutes! Minus the time it took me to embroider the fox face, but I snuck that in at pick up so I'm not counting that haha!

I love whitespace. I try and try to venture away from it but I find it easier to make a layout or card if there is lots of whitespace. Less thinking I think. This layout is so very Milly. Thanks for checking it out and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Happy Wednesday.