Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week In The Life August 2015 - PART 1

In order for me to just "Do it", get the story down, I've decided to share some of our Week In The Life photos in a random order. For now. This is huge for me to actually get to this point! Hooray ;) If you haven't heard of WITL before, you can take a look at the creators post here, Ali Edwards.

I took ALOT of photos.  I wasn't even going to participate in this project this year, as my photos are still neglected from last year.  But for some reason, last minute, I decided to jump all in! And I am glad that I did. I don't have a plan yet for what I'm going to do with all the photos now that I've taken them but I have been thinking that I may just order a photo book through my iPhoto program and call it done. That or use my WITL kit that I still have from last year.  We'll see, no commitment yet :)

*I haven't organized my photos yet so I'm going to just quickly scroll through a few to choose and include and if/when I get a chance to organize them I'll do an additional post with more photos and words.

We tested out the refrigerator pickled veggies that Rody and I made last weekend. Delicious!

Milly happened to turn 4 on the last day of this years WITL! Here are some photos of her as a brand new 4 year old. This year for her Birthday I turned her room into a little girl room from the nursery room it was. Of course, we went with a horse theme. I still have intentions to paint all the pink white.

 Milly only a few hours old.

 Balloons Milly picked out from the Party store for her party.
 The necklace that I ordered her for her birthday with her initial and Sally's (her favourite horse) initials. From Tom Design on Etsy.
 Milly's photography skills of her new horse.

Sam out on the garage.