Thursday, October 2, 2014

Studio Calico silk screening, my new favourite thing

Silk screening, I have always thought it's pretty cool. Never really understood the process. But loved it nonetheless.

I nabbed the Whitman add on during last months kit reveal (Poet Society) at Studio Calico. I loved the shape of the grey thing in the picture and the font on it. As well as some of the awesome embellishments in the kit. Little did I know that awesome grey triangle was A SILK SCREEN!!! Oh my goodness, it is so so so cool! I admit it gets a little hectic here during teething so I did only just get to it on Monday. I want to silk screen everything!!

Here is a page a made using the silk screen, the awesome orange Color Theory acrylic paint by Studio Calico (that comes in the kit) and some pops of blue. It's one of my favourite pages ever! The texture that the silk leaves is gorgeous. You must nap one and try it out.

How I used it:
- grab something flat and sturdy like an old credit card or thicker cardboard colour theory packaging like stamp backing.
- cardstock to silk screen on.
- acrylic paint. The Color Theory one was beautiful to work with.
- the silk screen!
- baby wipes or damp cloth and paper towels, to clean up the silk screen afterwards

Lay out your supplies so you can be relatively quick. I waited a little too long and pulled up a little bit of the card stock with the paint when I pulled up the silk screen.

Peel off the silk screen, lay it flat onto the card stock. Squeeze out a fairly even line of the paint across the top of the silk screen and use the credit card (paint dragging tool) to drag the paint down over the silk screen. Get every spot you want to show the design on. Pull up the silk screen and let paper dry. Quickly wipe off the silk screen, on both sides. Done! Make a page or gift wrapping or home decor print. Have Fun!

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